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  • Can I get Listed on Anyone's sites

    Hey everyone .. I am new at this and have a new site up. Can I get listed with anyone?

    The site is:

    Let me know if you have feedback



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    Hi tboy74. I took a look at your site and I see it's something like a link list/tgp site.

    You may want to explore and begin with making free sites (to submit to link lists) and/or tgp galleries (to submit to tgp sites), and link back to your own site via a reciprocal link.

    This way, you'll drive some traffic and search engine spiders through your own site and begin to build up traffic.

    PimpRoll offers lots of free content which you can use for this purpose to get you started.

    Another quick tip is to TELL the surfers to Bookmark This Site on your main page. You can even use a script for IE surfers so all they have to do is click and it adds your site to their browsers favorites list.

    Hope this helps some.
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      Hey! This was really helpful!!! Thank you very much!! I appreciate it -- I'm new and just getting started so any other advice is welcome!


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        Made a site

        I made a site per your suggestion. can you give me any feedback? thanks!



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          Hi again, sorry I didnt reply earlier here. I missed the new posts evidently the other day..
          It looks like you've built something like a MGP gallery there. (Movie Gallery Post)
          Usually getting listed on gallery sites is something of a challenge to get enough catchy ads in front of the surfer, while keeping them light enough to follow the MGP's rules.

          The best advice I can give you there is to surf around on the sites you want to submit to and get a good look at the galleries that they are listing. That'll give you a good idea of what your general page layout should be. Such as how many ads, how large the ads are, how much content, how long the content is, etc etc..

          There are some good newbie message forums out there that can provide lots of great specific advice if you're new to the industry as well. Send me a private message on the board here if you like, and I'll send you a couple of URL's.

          Good luck!
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          AdultElite - For the Professional Who Expects More.


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            email me - togm05(at)

            will trade links with you on my sites.