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  • Sex On The Internet Revamped and Ready

    Howdy Pimpin Pornslingers

    Just thought I'd drop a post here and let folks know that I've taken over management of Sex On The Internet. After a ton of work behind the scenes, the site is ready for fresh free site submissions.

    I've got my Sex Monkey doing reviews, so sites are reviewed every day and added every night. We will be staying up to date, as I have big plans for SOTI

    Currently, the site gets tons of gay submissions, plenty of trannies, lots of mature...and quite a few lesbians (I'm sure those are all surprises)

    So, we're open to all submissions...but please try to spread things out a bit to other categories.

    Worth noting...regarding recips, if you happen to grab the wrong recip (please don't make a habit of it), but we will not be declining sites based solely on an incorrect recip link. There are 3 recips available for each category...please spread em around as much as possible.

    Also worthy of note, we do accept multiple submissions/day. However, please spread them out over multiple domains and categories. We can't allow one submitter to flood a category for obvious reasons.

    Hmmm...think that's about all I needed to say in this post. Soooooo, bring on your quality sites
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    Template Use on Free Sites

    Wow...this forum really moves along

    What the heck, I'll bump my own thread...but with some new information...

    Now, I'm aware that seasoned free site submitters know better, but from what we're seeing submitted, a message for those that are new to free sites seems warranted.

    Most all free sites are indeed based on templates...that's pretty much common knowledge. However, submitting the same site every day with a change of title and content can and will have undesired effects. You won't get listed with the vast majority of link sites, but you're likely also doing harm to your domain with the search engines.

    Search engines don't like duplicate content and simply changing the title and pics/vids isn't enough to convince spiders it's a different site. Search engine spiders don't 'read' pictures or videos, so a content change isn't going to get the job done.

    From a surfer perspective (and this is where the $$$ is for most free site submitters), let's say a link site has a good base of bookmarkers. On Monday, Mr Surfer comes to his link site of choice to find some juicy porn. He happens across your site and takes a look at your hot content, but doesn't buy. On Tuesday, he goes to his favorite link site again...still on his quest for hot porn. He sees a title that creates a quiver in his loins (and that new title just happens to be your same template from Monday, but with a new title). As soon as he sees the same, he's more than likely going to close the page, since as far as he's concerned...he's already seen that site. He'll never make it to your galleries and realize the content is different. Actually, he'll probably feel tricked into clicking into the same damn site again, and may even lose faith in his favorite link site.

    These are a couple of the very valid reasons most link sites frown on templates. A wise Green fella recommends creating 30 templates and not using them more than once a month. By the time you re-use the template, the reviewer and Mr Surfer have likely forgotten they saw the same template a month ago.

    Personally, I'd recommend stirring up your text when you re-use that month old template to avoid dupe page issues with the spiders too. If you don't want to completely re-write all the text, at least mix it up on the pages...move things around from the entry to the main to the galleries. Make what the spiders see different!

    Also, it's worth your time to alter your meta tags if you use them. I'm amazed how many searches result in dozens/hundreds of listings with the exact same description

    Folks, if you're in this game...providing unique pages will serve you well
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