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  • Use (exploit) my traffic increase!

    So ... I've being looking through my traffic stats for last couple of months and noticed increase of SE traffic to certain categories. Oddly enough submissions to those categories can be better so I'd say I have an extra traffic for You there :-) Now, this is probably unusual post but I think we all could benefit here, me by getting more submissions to those specific categories and filling the gap ;-) and You by exploiting traffic from hype categories of my sites.
    Now there is a catch: these may not be the most popular categories (some are some arenít), these are the categories that have significant traffic increase in past 2 months (April and May) ... the lists and categories are: - teen, lesbian, hardcore, gay, asian - mature, black, tranny, amateur, anal - hardcore, black, amateur, boobs, teen
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    I've being lazy (must be the winter) but finally I've found the time to bring You another update here on my traffic and categories You should submit to ;-) January to end of Match 2008 ... first of all all through the month of March was loved by uk G so British themed sites might be a good choice here. cat's here are: hardcore, amateur, mature, gay, black pussy.
    At thanks to recently added blog, porn blogs category traffic is on the rise + big boobs (again), asian, mature and gay! had a steady flow last 3 months with no significant increases ... hope this info is useful to You and thanks for submitting!
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