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    Hi Everyone,

    I started a link exchange program on my web site. Anyone can participate. It's a daily generated links page. Sites that send the most referrals that day are linked higher up on the page. One referral a day will get your site listed for that day.

    You can give it a try at:

    After verifying age, click "Links" and "YOUR WEB SITE HERE". It's pretty self explanatory and easy to use.

    If you have any questions, e-mail me at:


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    Hi everyone,

    I see a few referrals from here to the link exchange program, but no one seems to be trying it out yet. My site gets an average of 400 UNIQUE VISITS a day, so all who participate should receive at least some referrals.

    Give it a try. It only takes a minute to setup and won't hurt. Plus, no one really uses it yet. Be one of the first and get all the traffic.

    Talk to you later,